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    Game Art and your preference: A Poll

    The cartoon art style isn’t a turn off for me personally. I was a big fan of the original Borderlands which has very stylized visuals. I think the issue with realism in games is when a game is going for realism but falls short. That being said, game play should be the biggest factor. I don’t care how great a game looks if its not fun to play.

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    Personally I’ve always assumed that the more cartoonish art style has always been used to make their games look more graphically high end than they are. Nintendo has always been masterful in hiding the limitations of their system by using these styles to cover them up. Take a game like Super Mario 64 where at first glance it looks leaps an bounds ahead of the competition in terms of graphic fidelity. However on closer inspection you can start to see some of the tricks that were implemented. Trees are simply 2D planes with tree textures on one size, same thing with the power ups in the game. the cartoonish art style of the game allows these type of limitations to blend in seamlessly to the point where the 2D assets are indistinguishable from the 3D ones.
    If anything their use of cartoon like styling has been more of a problem for other developers. Since the Gamecube, Nintendo has been far less innovative in terms of hardware power mostly because they don’t really need as much to render a great looking Nintendo game. Heck for the most part the internal processors of the Wii U are just incrementally updated version of the Wii hardware which in turn were just incremental upgrades to the Gamecube.
    The End result is a system that works great for what Nintendo develops but an utter pain for third parties who have to strip down games to work on the system. I also limits Nintendo from putting out anything too impressive graphically but for the most part they don’t seem to mind, being more pre-occupied with how many ice cubes in a glass they can simulate.
    So if anything I would say their lax attitude towards hardware performance is why in some circles Nintendo is looked down on. Not their graphical style choices

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    I’m not a gamer, but as an illustrator and lover of art I’d like for as many visual styles as possible to be represented in video games. Variety is fun.

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    This. (thumbs up)
    There’s room for all kinds of art style, IMO, and each genre, each game even, will ask for a different thing to give you a different feel.
    Stuff like Ōkami wouldn’t be what it is without the very unique art style. Uncharted shoots for a very realistic style, with character proportioned fairly true to life, whereas The Last of Us goes for a more stylized realism; both playing on the nature and tone of the content.

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