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    Pickapik App – Getting Rid Of Outdated Social Media

    I have used social media a lot in my life and I just some of it is getting outdated so fast. It seems like every time a new smartphone app and social media platform pops up there is another one to replace it. I think if you really want a mobile app to have longevity it must incorporate and integrate features like location tracking, user tagging and multi account management. A focus on the visual dynamics also seems like a new trend that will withstand time. One new app I have been really enjoying is the Pickapik photo posting and social app. What new apps have you been trying lately and what are your favorite features?

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    With only 21 reviews in the app store at the moment, I doubt if this will ever be a success.

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    Took a look as well and it appears the company/author may be in for a rough ride.

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