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    The T-Mobile plan does violate Net Neutrality – And that’s okay!

    So your main reason for supporting what’s happening is to give companies’ the flexibility to compete? I’m sorry but that might be the most stupid argument I’ve ever heard. How about we give them this while we are at it?
    Yes, their job is to be dump pipes. And they can compete in uptime, bandwidth, latency, customer support (apparently a concept that is unheard of these days). Giving ISPs more power is all fun and games when the company seems to have good intentions (I’ll credit T-Mobile with that), but replace their CEO with someone else or have the shareholders twist his arm, and at that point is all up in the air. It DOES set a dangerous precedence and the worst part of it all is that all these companies have NOTHING to do with what the Internet has become; yet they will be positioned perfectly to abuse it and ultimately damage it.
    Europe is doing fine with how they handle telecoms, by having/allowing proper competition. The US should just do that and call it a day, rather than trying to fabricate arguments in favor of net neutrality violations. But yeah, that’s not happening.

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    I mean, if carriers really were just dumb pipes, AT&T and Verizon could just lower prices and knock T-Mobile and Sprint out completely. How would T-Mobile compete? It’s superior service?

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    Better upload and download speeds,
    higher data caps
    Better Customer Service

    Not all ‘dumb pipes’ are automatically the same.

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    Really? Americans are aware that the rest of the world exists, right? And it’s in fact far ahead the US in terms of internet infrastructure. ISPs can and should compete in things that don’t involve messing up the open nature of the Internet which is what made it what it is today.
    How did T-Mobile achieve its mobile business turnaround (I am in fact a VERY happy customer of them for 3 years now), before all the net neutrality non-sense? I’m sorry but I don’t share your view at all.

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