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    Chris, while I see your pointI think that to go so far as defining a particular service as some kind of human right goes a bit too far.
    First of all, I have a hard time agreeing with the UN that the internet itself is a basic human right. That, to me is crazy. How can something treated as a privilege in modernized countries (since it can be taken away with abuse) be considered a basic right in others, along with things like life, liberty, security of person, and to not be a slave. It’s a luxury. We’ve gotten along without it (and millions continue to) for hundreds of thousands of years with no issues.
    ALso, what happens when someone (say, Anonymous) maliciously attacks and disables one of these services (say, Twitter)? Are they now internationally liable for crimes akin to war-crimes? Because they took down a service almost completely used by tweens to complain about or drool over Justin Bieber?
    What if Twitter wants to ban someone’s account for misuse? DO they have to get UN permission to deny someone access? What about the individual member country?
    And what if The US President, or any other country leader, wants to cut off internet traffic coming in or out of the country for security reasons (think a mass cyber attack)? Will he be cutting off people’s RIGHTS to Perez Hilton’s inane babble?
    No. That goes too far in a direction that the UN has already lost its mind in.
    In my humble opinion. :-)

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    Where does the 'basic human right' end and private...

    Life and liberty can be taken away as well. Do you consider them luxuries?

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    No, but to place Twitter, or the internet for that matter, on the same shelf as life, liberty and even property (i.e. due process here in the states) I think is inappropriate. After all, ISPs can take away your service for no reason. No one can take your life, liberty or property w/o due process of law (at least in the US, and the EU is structured similarly).

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    Simple: A right is only valid until it infringes upon another person’s right. And while companies and corporations are made up of people, they do not possess conscious-ness, and thus, are not people.

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