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    why did my Snapchat's memories disappear?

    I came back from a vacation today. Through the vacation, I saved all of my snaps from the to the memories. Yesterday I plugged the phone to the computer wanting to download the memories onto it, only to find that the memories are missing (the last day seems to be there but all of the last week is missing). I get the message of "Backup error" but i cannot backup the snaps from the vaction for some reason - I can see 21 snaps but every time I click on the "Try again" it doesn't do anything..... I am very frustrated because these snaps mean a great deal to me.

    Anyone might have an insight of why it happened? and how can I get my pictures? Logic says they have to be saved somewhere on the device before they are backed up to snapchat's Memories.....

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    Snapchat Stories, in which people can string together photos and video clips that disappear after 24 hours."

    Seems clear to me that if you want something longer, you use some other app.

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    Seems clear to me that you didn't bother reading the question. Nor have you even touched Snapchat in over two years. Memories is not the same as stories, memories stores pictures/videos long term. It should not be deleting things

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    So what Snapchat is today is not what we were discussing. Also, folk are upset that these apps may forget content if you uninstall the app.

    -> If you can contribute to a solution please do so.

    Closing this outdated topic.


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