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    New HP Ryzen envy won't update to 1709

    WTF is wrong with windows 10? THis is a brand new HP Ryzen envy laptop. Nothing has been installed only running windows defender. It seemed fine until the creators update from 1703 to 1709 failed to update. This is my second one of these.the first had hd problems. Took it back. Then It went on sale a week later so I gave a it a another shot. Now I have spent 6 hours trying to get it to do the creators update. Currently it's doing sfc scannow. I don't really have much hope. Either windows 10 has a serious update problem or this machine is a poorly designed POS with a crappy installed OS.... Crap sfc found corrupt files it could not fix. Trying DISM now if this doesn't work I will never touch an HP machine ever again and Bestbuy will have this POS returned.....

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    bloatware is prob interfering. I would try a system restore without the preload crap first and then the update. or since its totally fresh, on your tower, create a USB installer from the upgrade tool and do a totally clean install. if its fresh out of the box you have nothing to loose right.

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    It has to be the laptop. I have updated over 10 PCs to the 1709 and none has issues.

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    downloaded 10 to usb install and am trying that now at least it will be bloat free...if it works thank god for digital license.....
    Thank god I'm retired don't have to get up....

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    Screw this crap 12 hours into this. What a PIA this has been. HP apparently can no longer make a decent laptop. I really like the Ryzen apu but HP's implementation is really bad. Come on two bad machines? One with a bad drive and the other with non fixable corrupt files and nonfunctioning recovery software?. I should be billing HP for the lost hours of my life. There is no excuse for this. Not only that but I lost the audio suite and have to hunt down drivers etc . No customer or user should have to deal with this. I WILL never buy another HP product.....

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