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    Zelda, Mario and now Xenoblade: Nintendo is killing it!

    I have a modern gaming PC that I built in the last few months, and I love it, but, if you put a gun to my head to choose between that and the $300 Switch, I’d choose the Switch in a heartbeat.
    As for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, I need to wait and see how reviews pan out, as I’m not really sure where I’m supposed to find the time for another 50+ hour game this year…

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    You gotta make time!
    Shun your family, friends and any type of social interactions! Hell, don’t even let work, food, drinking or even using the bathroom get I’m the way!
    (The bathroom thing won’t be an issue though…just take the Switch with you!)
    Seriously though, I’m so freaking geeked! The Switch may have been my best tech purchase this year, followed by my 2XL.

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    Yup, the Switch is 100% my favorite kind of tech purchase – the kind that slides seamlessly into my life and makes it objectively better.
    I legitimately thought about foregoing other gaming system and focusing on the Switch, just to force myself into a funnel where I have less choice in games to play and can focus on the library of a single console, but then I spent way too much building this stupid PC. Whoops!

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