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    Does using a VPN improves the internet performance during high traffic situations

    I have a scanario, I am trying to access an web application which is facing very high traffic at a particular time.
    The web application is hosted very far from me, that is I am accessing from India and the application is hosted in Australia.
    In this case, whether using a VPN server closer to Australia and then trying to access the application improves the performance(ie higher chances of getting the application)?

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    i wouldnt imagine so, you still have the same slow link in the chain of local link to the VPN, your just moving the goalposts.

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    Unless the apps website has capped traffic outside of Australia, it won't make a difference. It's more likely that the website you are trying to download from is experiencing high traffic demand.

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    It depends where the bottleneck is occurring. If the web application host server in Australia is overloaded, then whether you use a VPN or not...your connection will remain slow.

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