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    Network Issue with Wifi

    Ok having a strange issue

    so i have main router with internet coming into the house, i have another router connected via cable to it that i am using as a wifi access point

    when i am connected to the 2nd wifi i cant seem to access the devices connected to the main router

    so looks like this (Main router, does DHCP) (Second router connected via ethernet to Main Router, DHCP Turned off Gigabit Switch connected to main router PLex Media center connected to switch

    So if i am on the second router wifi and try to access PLex for example it appears as it does not exist. If i connect to the main router wifi it works fine

    All hosts on

    Also does anyone have a good dedicated wifi access point i could switch the second router for instead that provide wifi ac thats not gonna break the bank i have no use for vlan or anythin like that so just a basic one

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    Can't help you with your problem, I'm useless with networking but am doing my best to learn

    But on the AP, a few people on here and most of the people I know highly recommend the UniFi stuff. Not sure what breaking the bank for you is....

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    Are you using the Internet/WAN port on the 2nd router or another port?

    You might use this for a guide, as well:

    And did you change from gateway to router?

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    You must plug into the lan port on router 2 to a lan port on router 1. Do not plug anything into the wan/internet port this will mess things up. Any subsequent routers that you add onto the network behind router 1, put a piece of tape over the wan/internet port so that you aren't tempted to use it.

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