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    Areas that display this entity ( grayed out) ?

    Im trying to get the Goal entity to be visible in the ribbon. For some reason the checkbox for sales, and settings are not possible to click on? I am using crm 2013.
    Any clue?

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    Try to use SiteMap editor from XrmToolbox.

  3. #3 is more detailed instructions. HTH

    1. The check boxes will NOT be available for you to check for Goals - System stuff, not in your control. - As explained by Andrii.
    2. Download a Tool Called XrmToolbox from codeplex
    3. The menu items that you see on the top is driven from a XML file called sitemap.
    4. Connect to your organization and load the sitemap of your organization.
    5. Take a backup of sitemap, enable the sitemap to show Goal menu.
    6. Publish it back to the server.
    7. Refresh the page, see if the Goal menu is now appearing.
    trust us, been there, done it and saw the menu :-)

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    Now you have no need in thirdparty and you can design sitemap using inbuilt AppDesigner. You can check article here -

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    Try to use SiteMap editor from XrmToolbox.

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