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    Email Router not Deleting Emails after Processing

    We are on CRM 2013 on-premise. We are using the CRM email router to automatically create email activities for every email that arrives in a shared group mailbox.
    In the Mailbox setting, we set the option to 'Delete Emails after Processing' so that to avoid build-up of emails in Exchange.
    However the emails are never deleted from Exchange, even after I restarted the Email Router service a few times.
    Any idea why the emails are not being deleted?

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    Yes we have to run a powershell script such as below to send to a forward mailbox with -DeleteMessage function:
    New-InboxRule -name 'ForwardAsAttach' -Mailbox -ForwardAsAttachmentTo ForwardMailbox -DeleteMessage $true

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    could be the shardmailboxtype, try it first with a users mailbox and see if this is happening there also

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    Thanks Daniel for the reply. Are you saying it's not working on a shared mailbox?

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    Actually I just tried on a user-owned mailbox and the emails are still not being deleted from Exchange even though the emails are created in CRM... I'm not seeing any error messages on the CRM Email router server that could be related to this.

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