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    Nintendo Direct: Games you want!

    Octopath Traveler has my immediate interest.
    Something about it’s old school style, and kinda unique take on an RPG, following different stories has me intrigued.

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    (Finally) playing the (fantastic so far) Xenogears Chronicles 2 made me all the more excited for Octopath Traveler. The pick-up-and-play nature of the console just makes it so damn great for JRPGs.
    As for the Direct, I am definitely getting:

    1. Smash
    2. Ocopath

    And I am pondering:

    1. Mario Tennis
    2. Dark Souls (I’ve played some Demon Souls, and finished Bloodborne, but somehow never played Dark Souls)

    Also, not in the Direct, but I’m excited for Valkyria Chronicles 4. I adored the first game, and having a game like it on the Switch is super-exciting.

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    I’m sooooo happy you picked up XBC2!!!
    So many questions I want to ask you about how youre enjoying it so far!
    Just give me a brief breakdown of your pros and cons!

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