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    Creating a large website on WordPress

    I'm creating a website on WordPress that will have 1000s of pages. The website is essentially a catalogue. Can anyone tell me:

    1.The best catalogue plugins that do not have to use prices. And can add multiple filters like a shop to select 'colour' or 'size' or 'range' in a search menu.

    2. I want to upload all of my catalogue information via Csv so that it automatically populates 3 different Web pages or more. Is this possible?

    3. Advise which theme is better Avada or Genesis? As I've heard conflicting information about which one is more secure.

    4. Advise on areas I need to take into consideration when building a site with many pages.

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    WooCommerce can be added on to WordPress to create an E-Commerce platform then you can use a plugin from the likes of YITH who are very reputable ( which will turn the E-Commerce into a Catalog.

    From what I remember, filters are attributes within the WooCommerce product and can be used to filter via the shop pages. These come as widgets which you can assign to the WP Widget areas.

    The newest version of WooCommerce provides import / export functionality via CSV, you'll have to research their specification for this though.

    With regards to the themes, I'm not sure. I'd recommend going to Themeforest and sorting by Popularity / Author Rating etc.

    Remember the customer experience is paramount. Make sure you perform A/B testing and see the website from the viewers perspective to get maximum results.

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    Thank you this is great advice to get me started. I have been looking at the yith plug in so it's good to have your positive feedback on this too.

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    Not a problem, if you need any hosting help let me know.

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