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    Bring back the badass black MacBook

    TBH I’d be down for a glossy black MacBook (even though the "micro abrasions" would be out of control in four years).
    I’m planning on buying a 12" MacBook when my current rMBP kicks it (13" from 2014, so still got 2-3 years left in it I would think), and while I think that matte black is as boring as it gets (at least the grey has a kind of purplish depth to it) the gloss would look really cool. Rose gold would be my choice if it was just a bit more copper coloured. In the right light it looks great, but sometimes it is just too pink.

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    Jet Black would look good as long as you don’t touch it. Matt black is the sex.

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    Honestly I don’t mind when things get worn in, it’s just something that happens. A pair of jeans isn’t going to be pristine for their entire life, they are going to fade, get patched up, etc. For me, it makes it more indicative that this thing is mine.
    I would never buy a matte black MacBook, it’s just too boring. If they dropped the grey I would have to get rose or silver.

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    I don’t mind jeans and other clothing items getting faded, as long as they still look good, but having my expensive electronic items get all scratched and dinged up would just bug the hell out of me. (shrug) To each his own, I guess.

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