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    Opinion on Samsung Laptops

    What is your opinion on the new Samsung Notebook 9 15" model. I find the specs appropriate for my usage and the build quality and design looks nice. The 15" model weighs just 2.90 lbs and minimal bezels keep the dimensions at 13.64" x 9.32" x 0.57" (compare that to a Macbook air 13" which is 12.8" x 8.94" x 0.68").

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    I feel the core i7 6500 should be good for atleast next 4 years for my typical usage, what do you think? My main concern is that I have not seen many Samsung Laptops around (none in fact). How is their customer support and after sales service? You can have a look at the specs etc

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    So I finally got to see the 15" model in a store (I live in Hong Kong). The design is very sleek and the weight is unbelievable for a 15", lighter than many of the 14" and 13" ultrabooks. The bezels are close to that of the Dell's infinity panel and yet the webcam is on the top. The price here is HK$ 9956 (approx. US$ 1283) which is very competitive. There is a 1 year international warranty, followed by 2 years of local warranty.

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    Polaris/Pascal based on what is being leaked is going to have really good performance per watt. So next generation of gaming laptops should have better battery life.
    That said, as someone who buys both gaming laptops and Desktop Gaming PCs. They are not exactly the same thing. First of all, a Desktop GPU is more powerful than a laptop GPU. Second of all, I can custom build a desktop at 1/3rd the cost of the gaming laptop.
    Both have their place.

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    You can, but there is sacrifice in performance and screen quality.
    Mobile GPUs are still significantly underclocked from their desktop counterparts based on nomenclature. The screens are also often pieces of crap. A good monitor is fairly cheap to buy.
    You also lose overclocking if you need it. Desktops are fairly easy to overclock for the GPU. You just need a program and the PSU headroom. Their CPUs also have higher sustained performance which is still just as important in a lot of games.
    If maxing out is your end goal, no laptop in the budget category will suffice.

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