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    Surface Pro 4 vs Dell XPS 15

    this looks like a weird comparison, but let me explain. I'd like a laptop to use mostly for photo editing in Lightroom/Photoshop/Nik. I'm also starting to use Illustrator and InDesign and I might be using Premiere/After Effects every once in a while. It has to be thin/light because I commute on the train. When on a desk I'd use a mouse (I'm not a fan of trackpads, it's not Windows' fault, since I extensively used them on MBP too).

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    The SP4 will provide enough power for your daily work for now and a couple of years into the future. The one thing to look at might be Premiere. I think they got rid of the Mercury rendering engine a couple of years ago and now support both Nvidia/AMD equally. Premiere is the only program that might make you do additional research. I hope this helps.

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    Just to let you know if you plan on plugging in the XPS 15 into power everytime you’re at your desk, get ready for heat and fan noise. For some reason no matter what power profile and cooling profile you choose the laptop gets warm and the fans turn on even if watching a YouTube video. I’m waiting till laptops become so efficient that the power of a current top of the line XPS 15 can come into a fan less package. I’m sick of heat and fan noise. Just an FYI.

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    The XPS is obviously a more beefy machine for Premiere/After Effects, though it won’t beat the mobility of the SP4, unless you fall into that "i use it each day for 4 hours in my lap" category then it could get annoying. Depending on what exactly you do the Pen could help you a lot but you should know yourself if you could use one in your workflow, if all you do is control sliders etc then it’s useless but if you do retouching (ie you kinda draw with the mouse) then you will want the Pen.

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    I would use it on my commute (45+45 minutes) and on desks/tables. I’d like it to be thin and light to keep it in my backpack without occupying too much space and killing my back.

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