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    What's the best computer mouse? I'm not having much luck with mice lately. The last one I had (A Logitech G303) sometimes moved 2 pages when I clicked something, and the one I have now sometimes moves up and down when I scroll. How do I fix these problems?

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    Best computer mice/mouse trouble.

    Are you asking for advice on which mouse to buy or how to fix your current mouse?
    Maybe get the MX Master 2 for one of the best (non gaming) mice if you want to buy.
    If you want to fix, I’m not sure what your problems are, but you can tweak the mouse settings, go to Start and type "mouse", then click on first result, then tweak a few things there, or click on "Additional mouse options" on the right, and then tweak more settings there. You could also install Logitech helper software to tweak more things (if available).

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    Try cleaning the sensor, but that’s a longshot. It’s probably just broken inside.
    If you want recommendations, those are always going to be subjective. There is no "best" in something as specific to the user as a mouse. I use an Anker Ergonomic mouse at work. It’s cheap, very comfortable, and has been reliable for me. At home, I use a Razer Naga corded, which I like for the extra buttons and large size.

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    Yeah I have two of the original MX Master (one at work and one at home) and wouldn’t use anything else – the clutched wheel is indispensable and it works great with multiple systems (supports a normal Unifying receiver for my desktops and Bluetooth for laptops)

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