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    Build your own Laptop, thoughts...

    It’s not going to happen. Pretty much all laptop hardware at this point is custom without any standardization. Making it modular would mean a bigger, heavier, worse build quality device with worse battery life, and on top of that much more expensive. Maybe someone would buy that, but it’s not a viable product in any way.
    It was viable for desktops because you could stick all of it into a giant box and strap a 500w PSU to it. That’s not true for a portable device.
    What combination of things do you want from a laptop that aren’t offered by any existing devices?

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    Even if any manufacturer would, it would wind up being bigger and heavier which are key factors for laptops. Same as Google’s brick phone – ain’t going to happen.

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    I was going to mention the ARA modular phone as an example.

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    I came here to say exactly this. I love my custom built Desktop, but I wouldn’t be willing to make the same size and power compromises I made there with my laptop.

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    It probably wouldn’t be as profitable for the suppliers and now they build by specs and sell in bulk. The best thing to do now is buy a barebones and add HD/SSD, Memory and sometimes a DGP.

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