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    Dropbox, a safe, long term solution?

    I don’t think you have to worry about Dropbox going out of business in near future. Even if it happens, you will have access to the files and can easily migrate to similar storage services well within they shutdown.
    Dropbox is not gaining much traction in other areas but their core product which is syncing files is still the best amongst Google Drive, OneDrive and iCloud. And many companies trusts and uses Dropbox.

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    Dropbox has a massive userbase and an established name. Even if things go horribly wrong for them and they fail as a business, they would be a prime target for any of the big cloud players to buyout – Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, HP, even Apple would all gladly pick up Dropbox at a fire sale if just for the name’s cachet for their own cloud storage offerings. It might not make long-term sense as an independent company, but they certainly have a place as part of a larger cloud solution.

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    Keep in mind that article is just an opinion piece. Personally I don’t buy at all that mobile OSs are moving away from storage access, and with iPhones continuing to come in 16gb storage and the new generation of cheap windows tablets coming in very low storage capacity, cloud services will remain in very high demand.

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    Yes, and first party services are built into the platform and ecosystem package. Which is precisely the point the article is hitting at. It’s a 3rd party feature on others platforms and storage is so cheap now that it’s almost unworth the time to bother with Dropbox when you can pay for a ton of storage that just works out of the box on your device and has better billing and management convenience (plus works better with the stock apps on the device).
    Unless collaboration or work demands so, there’s no point in using Dropbox over iCloud Drive, OneDrive, or Google Drive on their respective platforms. Hence "feature." Their entire business is a 3rd party, redundant feature on every major platform – desktop or mobile.

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    I hope Adobe buys Dropbox out. Would be a match made in heaven.

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