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    Is VR the next big flop?

    I don’t know which category of your poll PS VR would go under. That’s what I plan to buy.
    I was sold on it by Rez, which is absolutely the perfect game for it. Some games are like that; they actually demonstrated the need for VR before it really even existed in a usable form.
    All that could really hold me back is cost. It is expensive, and that’s a barrier. I’ll see if and how I can afford it. But I really want it.
    I do think that it’s the kind of thing game developers are going to need to really think about, and not just vomit out a bunch of first-person shooters because hey, they’re supposed to be "realistic" and this headset makes everything feel real! It’s just not that simple; there are a lot of reasons why "realistic" POV-type games don’t work well in VR.
    But games like Rez, where you’re creating an immersive experience tailored for gameplay rather than "realism", are just perfect.

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    I’m holding out for a few generations. I think we’re still at the point where VR hardware is in flux and game design is still in the experimental stages. I’m more likely the invest in third or fourth gen hardware (i.e. 4-5 years from now) once we’ve figured out interface and interaction models and there are truly amazing VR gaming experiences to be had.
    All-in-all, I think VR is more likely to have a meaningful long-term impact on gaming than 3DTVs, because VR adds more to the gaming experience.

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    Flop- no, next big thing- absolutely not, niche high end product capable of carving out a market for itself- probably. The way I see it, VR’s highest aspiration is to become the next console market. It’ll be semi popular in high income countries, find its niche in media and video games, but will never be as ubiquitous or necessary as something like the smartphone, PC or television. We are very far away from this though, if we’re using the console analogy then we’re at best in the Atari phase.

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    Pretty much this. VR/AR technology is still arguably in its infancy. tuyuyru

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