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    Breath of the Wild: How would you improve it?

    A few items that I would love to see:
    Breakable Weapons: While I like the idea, specifically how it forces you to think more before attacking large groups of enemies, I think I would love to see a method of repairing weapons. Much like how you can have some weapons reforged, I think ALL weapons should have this option.
    Armor: Following the same line of thought as weapons, I think armor should break and/or need repairs. Obviously, these items could take vastly more damage than weapons and wouldn’t need repair often, but still, it would add to the realism that BotW has established.
    Skill Tree: Adding to the complexity, maybe we could see cooking added as a skill to be improved upon. This could potentially add to the already great cooking tool in the current game. Maybe instead of just adding better ingredients, you could rise the quality through acquiring a better skill set.
    Also, and this ties back to the first 2 items, welding or forging would be a skill as well. This would allow your Link to make repairs on the fly.
    Increased Difficulty of Mini Bosses: Hinox, Guardians and other large enemies are easily dispatched by various arrows. This needs to change. While the Guardian was easily a foe to be feared for the early part of the game, once you unlock access to Ancient Tech…you lose quite a bit of respect for them and their once fearsome laser.
    Maybe more enemies that require a bit more critical thinking as opposed to brute force. Maybe a few bads that mimic Shadow of the Colossus. Someone mentioned this in another post and I agreed.
    Well, those are just a few ideas that have crossed my mind.

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    I thought the overall dungeon implementation was weaker than it could have been:
    1) There are only 4 divine beasts. I’d like to have seen more, maybe 6 or 7. I get that this game sacrifices the more "traditional" long dungeon experience for one with dozens and dozens of mini dungeons (shrines), but I’d honestly be fine sacrificing a few of those shrines to add a couple longer dungeons.
    2) The dungeons are fun and unique enough, but they’re also so short compared to prior games.
    3) The leadup quests are also pretty short, especially the elephant and bird ones. I’d like a bit more by way of plot development to make tackling the beasts feel more monumental.

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    Absolutely agree with this comment, dungeons must be more stronger !

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