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    About Facebook and people's fear over targeted ads

    I don’t care it’s anonymized , they still target ME. I don’t need diaper ads because I searched something on a search engine.
    There is no difference whether my name is linked to it, it’s targeted advertisement and I hate it for the most part.
    The premise ads are THE way to make money is a diluted thought and will not be sustainable in the future.
    I already dislike it to an extend I will stop using products that annoy me too much and this will only spread to more users.
    10 years ago everybody was convinced E-mail spam was THE way to make money and look how that has turned out.
    The concept of spamming people with stuff they haven’t asked for and then think this is a viable business strategy is just way off and won’t last. In the end people will pay for things they want and all these tricky ways of extorting money from users will only backlash. (like those ridiculous in-app-purchases) At a certain moment people will be sick of it and leave. (I think)
    People are already leaving WhatsApp and it hasn’t shown a single ad yet, but the thought alone is enough, see my point?

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    I will break my reply.
    Do you use Google services?

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    Yes, Gmail, Youtube, Maps, Drive, Google Search (and Google+ for it’s needed for some Beta app installs)

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    Then why don’t you get bothered by them if you hate getting spammed by the ads especially targeted ones.
    Youtube videos show ads before the video.
    Gmail(if you are not a premium subscriber) also uses ads(targeted)
    Search also uses ads(targeted).
    Maps also use ads(targeted)

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