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    Xbox One X or PS4 Pro (Platform choices)

    Seemingly a lot more love for the one X, I wonder if that’s because it’s "new"or geography related.

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    I currently have the PS4 and XB1, and I use Windows, Mac, and iOS. I’m going to get the X1X.
    I’ve been meaning to get BF1 and TF2 on PS4, but since the X1X will give them a nice upgrade, I’m going to wait until November to get those titles – and also they might be on EA Access by then!
    Once I get the X1X, I’ll probably be getting cross platform titles for it, instead of the PS4 as I have been doing currently.
    I didn’t get the PS4 Pro, because the jump wasn’t big enough for me to swap.

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    I use macOS and iOS and bought a Switch because I care more about convenience than pure power and specs and I place a good amount of value in Nintendo’s IP. My last console was an Xbox 360 and honestly I was pretty close to skipping this generation in general up until I got the Switch. I think I might get a PS4 later on mainly for Persona, Overwatch and a few other titles, but it would be a secondary console for me.

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    For most people it depends on what console all their friends play. I grew up on Playstation and come to absolutely love their exclusives so I’m happy that Playstation was the choice of all my friends.
    I currently use a Windows laptop and don’t forsee myself using anything other. One if the biggest reasons why I have not chosen to purchase Apple products is their business practices. This same reason is why I have not picked up an Xbox even though I could afford it. Microsoft did some really nasty things last generation (rushing out their console knowing the potential failure rate just to be first, paying for timed exclusives, constant lies, encouraging paid online subscriptions, etc).
    They have been turning it around lately and I like the direction they are going. Maybe in the future I’d be willing to purchase their console but games come first and they are sorely lacking.

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    While I’ll take PC over console any day, the X is supposedly the most powerful console ever, and has some good looking exclusives, so I pick it

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