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    Oh just noticed your time warner thing. Yeah time warner is giving you a modem with a wireless router. You need both, or something that is all in one. I personally use a surfboard for modem duties: and the above C7 router for wireless/wired routing. Works great. Not the cheapest but the best reviewed set up.

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    Agree with this. Usually thinking that separate modem and router will work better than those all in one.

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    Oh dear God not the C7. Cannot maintain a stable wireless connection, and after nearly a month of searching forums and talking to TP-LINK’s tech support and trying various beta firmwares, the problem remain unresolved. Finally went with an Airport Extreme and that thing has been stable as a rock (I have a TWCcable modem as well). Better signal penetration too. I realize that might not be in OP’s budget, and I don’t have an alternative to suggest. Just wanted to make my experience with the C7 known.

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