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Thread: XPS13 vs XPS15

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    XPS13 vs XPS15

    All I’ll say is that 1080p on a 13 inch screen is a miserable experience. Always get a Windows laptop that you can comfortably scale to 100% or 200%.
    Get the 15, upgrade to SSD.

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    That really depends on your eyesight – personally I’m fine with 1080p on a 12.5" screen.
    I definitely agree its best to get something that works comfortably for you unscaled.

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    This is the advice I’d give to you as well. An SSD makes enough of a difference that I wouldn’t want to buy a new device in this price range without one and the 1080p screen at 100% is more comfortable on a 15" device.

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    I love the portability of my XPS 13 and I don’t find issue with the screen (1080p, non-touch).
    However, I’m getting increasingly frustrated by the keyboard: there’s an annoying intermittent duplicate key press bug in the BIOS (Google "XPS 13 unwanted keyboard character repeat" to get a taste). I don’t know if the XPS 15 is affected, but do some research first.
    It’s not that it’s unusable, but I’m forced to type much slower than I’d like. Not a great experience for a $1300 "flagship" device.
    If your eyes are getting on in age, then go with the 15 and the SSD definitely

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