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    The Intel Compute Stick, Now With Core M inside

    At that price who is this appealing to? The kind of use cases where this gets strapped to the back of a large TV are perfectly fine with the Atom version. And for desk use, at $500 + OS License you can get a decent laptop.

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    This could potentially run a display array, not just a single large TV. I own/run a small store and I’m interested, though undecided. We currently use an Android-based stick for our displays but it’s difficult to even get it to do two things at once (like play music while showing a different video), and it stutters when it does it. I’ve wanted to have several displays going at once but there’s no way that thing would manage that, and I don’t want another desktop or laptop stashed somewhere.

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    Kinda interesting how the entry Surface Pro 4 and (somewhat) Macbook are running what it’s basically in the 2nd and 1st sticks.

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    The Core M version will make a very nice Hackintosh.

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    Yep, probably the cheapest ready to go machine in years that can be Hackintoshed. $200-$300 Atom nettops were Hackintosh-able back on Leopard, but since then it’s been i3 and above, which limits you to at least a $500 computer unless you build it yourself.

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