Longtime Photoshop user, I started using Gimp on a project just to get some experience with it. All is going really well, I like it as much as Photoshop. Suddenly I have an irritating problem that I would appreciate some help with, as follows:
I have the single screen open, working on a project. All is well. I click on the image using a selected tool out of the toolbox, and all open toolboxes default behind the working screen to the desktop. To get them back I must go to my Windows taskbar and use the mouse to select them individually to get them to open. I select another tool to continue, and the instant I click in the picture all the toolboxes "hide" behind the Gimp screen. Needless to say, this gets irritating very fast and cuts down my work time a lot. This is the default now for every tool window.
When I boot Gimp now, no toolboxes are appearing, just the blank working window. All toolboxes are hidden behind the screen, but are running.
This sudden problem is acting like I accidentally "Cntrl/lettered" some keyboard combination and now the default is to hide all toolboxes. The toolboxes are still running...they all just default behind the Gimp screen and I must bring each one forward to use it (rather like moving layers to active/passive, if you know what I mean).
I have Googled this for an hour, and tried all the suggestions offered, such as:
> Windows tab >Dockable Dialogs
>Windows tab >Recently Closed Docks
>Windows tab >Toolbox, Toolbox options
>Windows tab> Hide Docks (off and on, no change)

At This point I am ready to reinstall Gimp (no big deal) but I thought I would try to find out what I did so I don't do it again.