If you haven’t played Advanced Warfare then it will be a fun improvement over previous installments. For some uncontrollable reason I buy the new CoD each year and play it for only a handful of weeks but BLOPS 3 has me playing more than usual.
The new Specialists are a neat feature but not unbalanced. Each one has their own unique offensive and defensive special ability which can only be used a finite amount of times depending on your teams and your own individual performance.
Perhaps it’s me outgrowing the genre in general but I find it rather difficult to rack up kill streaks now. Thank god the care package is still a thing.
Overall it’s a very fun game and knowing CoD releases I doubt it will go on sale for quite some time and even if it does it’d only be $10-$20 off. Pick it up if you have a Xbox One, PS4 or PC because the 360 and PS3 versions do not have the campaign but sells for $49.99 instead of the current-gen $59.99.