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    AT&T and T-Mobile Merger: Your thoughts

    I am not a lawyer or a legal scholar or anything close to it but honestly I feels it’s bad for the industry. If they would buy T-Mobile what would Sprint have to do to stay in the game? I know they just got the 4s but I don’t think that one partnership can carry a huge company.

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    As with the previous comment, I am in no way a lawyer or expert. However, I think the merger would be bad.
    1) T-Mobile has slightly more affordable options than AT&T and Verizon. There are still cheaper options with Boost, Virgin Mobile, etc but their networks aren’t as built out as T-Mobile.
    2) I think T-Mobile has done some pretty amazing things with their HSPA+ network. Actually increases speeds to 42MBps in some devices and areas while AT&T branded much slower HSPA+ as 4G. Although T-Mobile didn’t go towards LTE (yet), it has improved their 3G+ network a lot more than others.
    3) I’m not sure I agree with this statement. I think they were forced to upgrade HSPA+ more rapidly than AT&T because they weren’t investing in committing to LTE yet. This forced AT&T to brand their inferior HSPA+ as 4G.
    Being a smaller company, T-Mobile seems to not want to jump into the latest technology like Sprint did with Wi-Max. But they also bump speeds with improved 3G tech. Do I think this would continue under AT&T? No.

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    Also that would create an impending duopoly in the provider space which sounds like a terrible idea to me.

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    Is T-Mobile really the innovative, low-price competitor that the Justice Department is making it out to be?
    Yes. They keep prices down. Yes. The have better plans and pricing structures. They also support unique devices like the G1 and previous SideKick lines.

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