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    Paper: Are you using it?

    I still haven’t made up my mind yet. Whilst I really appreciate and welcome the design aesthetics as a much needed change, I am having a really hard time browsing feeds “horizontally”. It just takes way much more time than it should to get through everything.
    Maybe that’s the point though? Actually take the time to comprehend what it is you’re looking at — rather than glancing at it for 2 seconds and giving it the thumbs up, never to be seen or likely remember again.
    At this point I think I’ll give it another week of testing. But it’s not looking good.

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    The only thing I notice lacking in the app is the ability to view the feed based on lists that you’ve made. I have a list (other than the default News Feed) that contains only people I really want to view. It’s very different from the News Feed both in content and chronological ordering. In the Facebook app it’s also a good way to filter out suggestions and ads, but those don’t seem to have made it to Paper. Yet.
    Overall I rather like Paper. I like that they built in a sort of news aggregation feature that lets you switch to different topics, like Tech, Funny or News. It has certainly led me to see news posts I would have missed otherwise because I don’t see them on The Verge or ArsTechnica.
    Navigation is a nice twist. The journal scroll of the other app is tired and old. I guess I’d just have to sum up Paper as Refreshing.

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    The fonts are too small, so I deleted it.

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    It is freaking awesome. It helps lessen the clutter and helps me find the most relevant stuff that is being posted into my news feed.

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