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    FF XIII combat question

    I was wondering how the combat works in this game. From the footage I've watched it almost looks like turn based but with a non-turn based feel to it (if that makes any sense).

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    It's a very fast paced semi-turnbased game. Basically you have an action bar broken up into slots that are constantly filling. An action like attacking or casting a spell will take one action bar while larger area of effect spells like Cura or Blitz cost multiple slots. You can also line up a series of attacks to eat up the action bar faster which is pretty much the standard way to play the game. It's a fun system but it has some problems. It feels like the game is almost playing for you sometimes because of the menu choices and you only have direct control over one player and no way of setting the tactics for your team mates.

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    that's my fear that i'll end up getting bored with it because of the lack of control over your character, not to mention it's a good length game.

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