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    OneNote for iPad released

    As someone who depends on OneNote for all my note takings and jottings, I think it's great that I finally have decent access to them on my iPad.

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    On first glance the app looks fairly basic, it certainly misses the layout flexibility of the desktop app, but for taking/reading notes on the go it looks plenty capable

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    The app is free for those with less than 500 notes (which I'd think would cover most casual users) then $14.99 if you go over that limit.

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    Anyone have any first impressions?

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    Just downloaded this for a tryout and in general it works well. View, edit, delete and sync 500 of your precious notes for free but more than that and you brits will need to cough up 10.49 or just stick to viewing, deleting and syncing on the iPad and lose the editing functionality our US brothers I believe will have to pay $14.99.
    The app keeps to the Apple like ‘easy to use methodology of UI design without looking amateurish yet not as pretty. I must admit when the app opened I initially felt somewhat underwhelmed with it. So used to seeing the version of OneNote on my laptop with its fancy tabs, pens and notebook features. Also I have been waiting patiently for MS to port it’s Office software to iPad too so maybe my expectations where a little too high. However this is a good start indeed.
    In my case I had to use my Windows Live SkyDrive account to create notes to sync to the iPad and to read notes created on the iPad. I have the humble OneNote 2007 only on my laptop and this does not allow syncing with the new app. Only the younger and dapper OneNote 2010 and it;s future siblings will hav the ability to work with the iPad OneNote app.
    One main criticism I have of OneNote for the Ipad is that the syncing of notes in the Cloud (Skydrive to Ipad, Ipad to SkyDrive) takes a little too long. Its not an extraordinary amount of time but it just seems a little slow at times.
    If you are a serious user of OneNote and have an Ipad you should get this.
    Whatever text formatting you have created on the desktop or SkyDrive version of OneNote is lost in ‘translation’ on the iPad. You basically get plain text with indentations and bullets preserved. I hope this is tempoary and this feature will be added later.
    It doers the job, quietly and confidently without being flashy.

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