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    Vistablet Company without website and not gave email response, driver question

    Vistablet is a company which makes ( or did make ) drawing graphical pen and tablets, like "Penpad".

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    I had a question about possible driver for using this device in Windows 10, but when I try to visit their site, the site is no longer. I sent also an email message with the question but have not received anything in over a week.

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    This makes me think the company is not in business anymore and nobody has taken over their manufacture, development, support. I have a disk with the driver to install and know it works in Windows Vista; maybe might also work in Windows 7,

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    but I've no idea if the driver would be needed for use of the device in Windows 10 nor if W10 already has suitable driver available, nor if some driver from some source is available to download and will work in Windows 10.

    Lost cause and be best to get some new Wacom pen & tablet? Just try the Penpad on Window 10 and see if it works? Alternative source for the needed downloadable driver for Penpad?

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    I would just try installing it and see what happens. At the worst you will get a message saying something like 'This device/application is not compatible with Win 10'. Or it may not work as well as you had hoped, or it might surprise you and work perfectly !

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