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    Need new CRM, advise please?

    in our companies service department, we need a new crm that can hold all customer data, record history, track invoicing with quickbooks AND (this is the biggy) allow us to make custom form checklists for service maintenance and track work done and schedule times on calender with alerts. outlook integration would be lovely but is not 100% necessary. we are using 2012 sage act atm but it leaves much to be desired and has forced us to save all info into pdf's. my thought is one of the tabs can bring up a list of finalized forms that can only be edited by admin, and a "new form" button or tab with fillable fields and checklists that auto populate customer information, can print, and that we can populate with the work done, really need advise as when i tried the new act online, seems more on the sales side which isnt bad; but doesnt do what we need it to.

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    Avoid Konnective at all costs.

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    Hi, I was reading through this thread and my company just launched a new product that might help you out. It's called JunoHCM. It stores all employee data and allows people to manage all of their own info. This makes your company more self sufficient and leaves more time for other important tasks. Please let me know if you would like more information.

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    I have heard good things about salesforce, we are getting into that here but I have no experience with actually using it as a crm as of yet.

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    Salesforce seems to be the industry standard.

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