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    Free images

    Seen so many websites that say royalty free, yet they are not free, u have to buy credits. Prime example is I guess the only way to get free vectors/stock images are from tech forums when people post up shutterstock files....i have seen so many, but never the ones i want

    Anyway, does anyone here have links to websites that provide free print quality images. Just realised all the thousands of wallpapers i have are 72dpi even though they are 1924x1200 in size, which are not good enough for print

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    Our favourite image sources are here - Minuteman Press Pictures - some of which are free.

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    The best on I know of is Stock.XCHNG Everything there is free.

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    Ah yes, i knw about sxc. But the pics and vectors i REALLY want are the ones in shutterstock and similar websites like it

    'Minuteman Press' nothing is free on those images links apart from few low/medium resolution pics

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