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    Nintendo Switch: You buying?

    I will.
    I want good to great mobile gaming that isn’t full of worthless IAP or terribly implemented free to play mechanics.
    While the iPad is great for gaming mobile, it doesn’t have too many great one time payment titles.

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    I preordered the Nintendo Switch in Gray along with Zelda and Just Dance. Very excited for March 3rd!
    While I can understand why many might not want to get the NS, I think this fits me perfectly.
    I want to play games with a deeper experience. I have disposable income, but not a ton of free time. When I want to play games, I prefer to do so in a more mobile, laid back fashion, such as lounging on the couch. I don’t care much for playing online, but enjoy playing with my friends next to me. I travel frequently enough on road trips that I can still get in a gaming session of a couple hours.
    Again, I think I’m the target audience for the Switch. I don’t care as much about how great a game looks; if the experience overall is great, I can forgive the appearance.
    If nothing else, I hope this move by Nintendo is successful enough that it warrants Sony and Microsoft to start seriously considering making gaming a more portable experience. Especially Sony.
    They have a wealth of PS2/3 games that I would love to play on a device like the Switch.

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    They put out a new Zelda, I buy whatever console I have to, to play Zelda. It’s like clockwork

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    You can get Zelda on Wii U… does this change your decision?

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    Honestly, No. I don’t play games on the go and I need something more powerful than that. It probably won’t get good third party support either.

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